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January 27, 2007



Hey: Not sure if you read "Citizen Marketers" yet but it was the book we featured in Jan for the Marketing Book Club I host (whereas a bunch of us get together from many continents, many ages and chat the book with the authors online). You'll likely not want to miss the next segment (trust me on this one, it's the biggest book going...but I'm not unveiling the new read 'till mid-May).

Here's the launch of the segment we did for Ben & Jackie's book (who are as cool as they seem, smart too):


If you need, I can point you to the many discussions we had on the book (anyone can launch a thread and the authors and everyone else chime in). All that data is saved if you want to review it.

You've got an impressive blog here; I hope you're getting a lot of readers as your work deserves it. Keep at it ;-).

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