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April 14, 2010


Brian Lash

Hey Brent,

It's been a long time man. We first connected - when was it - in the early days of Seth's blog? Plus or minus a few months it's been a long time.

I feel you about marketing to college students; I started my first TypePad blog for the same reason all those years ago. Just like yours my focus has really changed but I still have fond memories of the days when I'd hunker down and pump out a post for a feedburner audience of >100, but a real readership of 2 or 3! Not that life isn't good now... it is. But it was simpler then. That shit was fun.

I hope you're finding tremendous success with Athleon. I'm sure you're crushing it.

Keep living the dream brother.

P.S. Please, please backup your blog. I've often wished I could revisit my posts from yesteryear (if only for nostalgia's sake) but back then I didn't have the good sense to export it. Even though I never wrote anything earth-shattering I still wish I had those old posts to read for the hell of it. Don't make my mistake.

Brian Lash

I meant to say "a feedburner audience of <100." My point was that there was a time that I'd write for nearly 0 people but still find satisfaction in it. And I kind of miss the times when that was feasible.

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