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I'm the founder of Athleon, a company I started while at the University of Washington. This blog is a forum for my continual education as an startup founder, coming from a coffee shop in the greater Seattle area.

My profile from the UW honors program mentorship site:

'From Littleton, CO, camp out for Husky Basketball, bleed playing UW Rugby, lose my voice at Volleyball games, starting a company, studied in Athens, watch 24, on a continuous quest to win an Intramural Championship tee-shirt, ump Softball at the IMA, kiss my girlfriend, hide our puppy from our Landlord, watch Lost, go to Church, lift weights, read textbooks occasionally, and constantly ponder the meaning of life, faith, and love while surfing the internet with no shirt on.'

I am an eater of amazing Seattle food when I have money in my wallet and will happily take or give recommendations in a variety of areas.

I am also an avid reader in the few minutes a day not spent at a computer or in the gym, and work to create constant turnover in my netflix que. If you have any recommendations in either area please let me know.

This blog was formerly college marketing 4.0, aka how to speak to college kids. Topics from that blog will appear here from time to time.

Feel free to reach out via facebook, linkedin, or send me an email.